You’re in the middle of writing your current–or first–book, yet something is holding you back. Something is making you question yourself and your writing. Just what is making you unable to go on? Could this be writer’s block? Well actually… it’s you. Fiction and indie self-help writer Nicholas Erik joins us to discuss what exactly perfectionism and analysis paralysis are and how to get over ourselves.

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About our Guest:

Nicholas Erik is a fiction novelist who writes science fiction and post apocalyptic books. He also writes comprehensive guides on his blog on how to sell more books, build a fanbase, and apply learning concepts like deliberate practice to your writing craft. Nicholas integrates seemingly disparate concepts like business/money, constant improvement, productivity (goals, habits, planning, release schedules) and marketing into a cohesive plan/mindset – so if you’re having trouble reconciling art + craft + cash, his philosophy is pretty different than what you’ll find elsewhere. Something that might prove useful if you’re an aspiring author.

Topics discussed:

  • What is perfectionism?
  • What is analysis paralysis?
  • Why should we be worried about these?
  • How can you identify them in yourself?
  • Once identified, how do you overcome them?
    • What kind of mindset do we need?
  • What are some rules to help you/ potentially others?
  • Some people are afraid of success and self sabotage, do you think this is related to perfectionism or something else?
  • Would you encourage failure?
  • You’re currently doing a challenge called 28 Days to 10k, is this a way to combat perfectionism and analysis paralysis?
  • What is the 28 Days to 10k challenge?

Links and mentions:

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